Its a time when echo’s from the past often become much louder to us. My ghosts are demanding attention, though ever so politely in their requests for a gap in my schedule.
But they will persist politely requesting until the new year I expect. Usually then they tend to drift of of there own accord seemingly having found other diversions and distractions.

Its going to be one of those days/weeks for me. I have been keeping myself occupied a fair bit in the last few weeks which has lifted my spirits in the main, but this week I have no musical outings on the agenda so I shall have to go into lockdown mode and get make myself get on with other stuff, before the doom pixies manifest and taunt me, as they must for so it is written in the ancient scriptures.

Live at Olney “Never Been So Poor Before”
Jon Bickley and the Invisible Folk Club Band

I played in St Peter and St Pauls Church Olney recently. This is one of Jon’s own songs.

Avoiding the hibernation urge is difficult though and particularly at the time of writing. I a have a track waiting for a vocal that will be the next “thing ” I do. I just have to get started with it. Easier said than done though of course. Winter is a struggle for me and is when I am most prone to mental health issues. I get by but its difficult at times. My compass does not always steer me true at this season.

I’m typing this in a break in a recording session. I just did a vocal take that sounds quite edgy. Also a guitar part. Sometimes singing gives me a pain in the sinus. I could do without that really. I will stop recording now and let it all ferment a bit. that will also make it obvious if I need to add anything else or just mix the track as it sounds full already. Less is often more as I keep trying to convince myself.