Seems Like Summer

Blue sky’s , warm and a still day at the time of writing.  The mud pie builders are still digging in what will be the public open space which seems no nearer  to completion than it did 6 months ago. So the digging  dinosaurs move te piles of earth around again. at this rate maybe they will still be at it until 2022.  One pile of earth gets moved to another pile of earth in stately procession like some ancient ritual whos origins and meaning have been lost 100’s of years ago, but are still continued to appease the spirits of earth and air and ensure good harvest of identikit  new build homes perchance?

I  have just sent off a few tracks to compete for some radio airplay opportunities as I havent done so since  Christmas. Its an act of faith really, nothing ever seems to come of doing so but you feel you have to try.