January comences

So I have recorded and mixed my first tune for 2021 and it’s now online. Today I have somehow managed to pass the  day without really doing anything remotely useful.  I feel a little bit burnt out somehow. I am not dealing well with the current situation and mostly my social interactions are fairly casual ones. But they are now pretty much gone. I chat with folks on line a bit and that’s pretty much it. I am sleeping a little too much now as well and the mornings come and go with me somehow in an almost comatose state. Some time wasted on Facebook  and the news which is always mostly grim of course. I have the best intentions to get a bit of exercise and so on but suddenly its early afternoon and then in a flash the light fades and we are  of the fact that it’s January. The Month I was born.  I really dont know where we go from here. I will plow on with musical adventures whilst I am able, but a lot of my cohorte of musical collaborators have dropped by  the wayside and stayed behind or moved on to a different journey on  a path that we do not know or yet to follow on.

I have a head full of memories, and some strange ones that are not for sharing but they seem to be on permanent replay at present. A rather disturbing phenomenon to be honest. I am not too sure how long that is going to carry on but I suppose its been triggered by the circumstances forcing my mind to fall back on its own resources so I doubt it will stop anytime soon.

I wonder what things will be like this time next year? Best try and live in hope if we can. Its not always so easy to keep looking for the sunny uplands.

Cowards die many times before their deaths; the valiant never taste of death but once.’

(Julius Caesar, Act 2, Scene 2)