Christmas 2020

Well so far its mostly shit really and likely to get worse I suspect. The perfect end to a bad year.  Or perhaps simply a slightly drawn out end of everything. It feels a bit that way now. I am making attempts to keep a vaguely buoyant image. Make no mistake though, the ship is taking on water as its holed  below the line and sinking fast.

Last week I attended a friends funeral and was relieved to have got through it with out cracking completely to be honest. Its was good to see friendly faces though, and not via a screen for a change. The circumstances were pretty weird though to say the least. The service was the best possible in  the situation though I think.

This week we have bad news from every quater pretty much including the possibility of food shortages. 

I have pretty much zero motivation to do anything now. I have been making a few small changes to the studio room and more tidying up to make it a bit easier to work in. I need more of  a distraction though as I am not really coping now.  I am getting fairly irritable  and anxious too now. I have no idea what to do about it.

At this point I would blithely post a link to a recent tune but not on this occasion.