October 2020

Things are not looking much better at the moment sadly. on a personal level and only the passage of time will tell if there is much of a future.
So here is another shorter musical offering recorded at the end of September.  Its a piano and violin duet. 

The notion that we can all turn our hand to anything is not IMO correct Its worth I think though reflecting the fact that there are many who have done quite a bit careerwise but now find that they have arrived at a point where they are pretty much unemployable simply because of age or simply who and what they are let alone those with some disabilities.

Over the years I was first trained as a Cinema projectionist, worked in warehouses, worked in Wardour street at film a Sound production house and then a recording studio. Spent a few years as a driver. I also worked in personel, became a computer programer did project management, conference planning and a load of other stuff. Now at the age of 63 I am pretty much on the scrap heap as although I have skills having mostly got my income from live music for the past 15 years my very long CV is pretty meaningless now to the outside world.
I do wonder what kind of world we are going to be in soon.