Keeping sane.

Well I am beginning to fray around the edges a bit now. The news is a bit hard to deal with at the best of times. I can’t concentrate in anything at all at the time of writing. I went out for a walk and that was quite pleasant but after an hour or so back home I got extremely anxious.
I guess like most people it’s the not knowing and being totally unable to control events. Life is like that at the best of times of course, but now its brought in to sharp focus. We have a wealth of information so there is no getting away from it. At times like this it would be great to pick up the phone to my mum but she is sadly long gone from this world also is my Dad, though they would be in their 90s now.

So whats new? I did a live webcast for a friends virtual festival last weekend and that was very different. I did a set from the piano and sang my self a little bit horse to be honest. Quite enjoyable to do. I do miss gigs and proper beer in pubs at the moment. I am better placed to ride this storm than many fortunatly. I am in a rural location with acces to open country and a large nature reserve so I can’t complain about that. It is so very different to the London flat where I spent 33 years. I do miss London but at this time I am very glad to be where I am.

My partner is busy with her painting and her now virtual (via video) classes for art and Phylosophy, plus keeping in touch with friends and familly that way too. The lighter evenings help a bit.

Anyway here is a song of mine from October 2018.