Some folks are strange and not at all what you expect them to be once you scratch the surface.  I noted an an acquaintance revealing their inner imperialist on a well know social forum.  There was a post about the Queen’s 90th and how wonderful the British Empire had  been.  Unsurprisingly the post was criticised by someone who was a friend with indigenous ancestry from one of the aforementioned colonies. This caused fury in the injured Royalist, who was genuinely surprised that the aforementioned had been put out by the thread.

Don’t mention the slave trade.

The Royal family is an anachronism and really if we are going to keep it needs to become nothing more than a historical pageant. At the end of the day Lizzy should be going back to a two bed bungalow on a retirement development.  Actually what about turning windsor castle into retirement apartments. Or perhaps she and Phil could open a nice little beach side taverna in Greece on one of the islands Buck House would make a great up market hotel and the revenue generated could go towards accommodation for the homeless,  many of whom paradoxically are exe services who will have course pledged their allegiance to aforementioned  monarch .

We could certainly use a lot of that land around Windsor for a start. As for the extended family there must be enough jobs in banking and similar sectors they could go into….
There seem to be lots of jobs where being posh is the main requirement.

The Royal Family at least have the excuse of the accident of birth.

What’s really funny is that news article about David Cameron buying his Mrs a second hand Nissan Micra with 90K on it. I suppose its a good thing to support your local business of course. But really mate  on  your salary of £142,500 PA don’t you think you could have at least got her a new one?


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