Labour MP Slams The ‘Harsh’ Use Of Benefit Sanctions As ‘Brutalising’ The Poor

A lot of good sense here.
You can read Micheal Meachers blog here.

About Micheal Meachers.

Michael Meacher MP has been the Labout Member of Parliament for Oldham West and Royton since 1997.
He was first elected to Parliament in 1970 for Oldham West, reversing his previous defeat, and served as a junior minister under Harold Wilson and James Callaghan (Under-Secretary for Industry, 1974-75, Under-Secretary for Health and Social Security, 1975-79.
During opposition, from 1983 to 1997, he was in the Shadow Cabinet for fourteen years and also during this time lectured at the LSE. He stood against Roy Hattersley in the 1983 deputy leadership election and was a member of Labour’s National Executive Committee from 1983 to 1989. Whilst in the Shadow Cabinet, he was Opposition Spokesperson on Health and Social Security 1983-87, Employment 1987-89, Social Security 1989-92, Overseas Development and Co-operation 1992-93, Citizen’s Charter and Science 1993-94, Transport 1994-95, Employment 1995-96, and Environmental Protection 1996-97.
In Tony Blair’s government, he was Minister of State for the Environment and Privy Counsellor from May 1997 to June 2003.
He is a Parliamentary representative and member of UNISON.
Michael is a member of the Fabian Society.