Watching clouds out of the window

I have a fairly uninterrupted view of the sky from my lounge window facing roughly ENE and on summer evenings its quite good fun to watch the clouds drift by and change with light. I have an interesting view as I can see the London Eye, the Telecom (Post Office )tower, Battersea Power station, the Shard and one or two other bits and bobs. If I ever do get around to moving I will miss that patch of open sky.

I used to be able to see Albert Bridge too, but various riverside developments have mostly hidden it from view.

From the kitchen of my stately hovel there is a vista that at the very furthest point shows the line of the north downs on a clear day. So if you are thinking of a surprise attack you will need to approach from WNW

Though I am in central London there is a lot of green in view being just above the tree line and also with Battersea Park close by.

Today I am in a very introspective mood and wondering just what the future will bring. I do seem to have noticeably lost drive in some respects, perhaps because in one sense I have managed to achieve quite a lot of the things on my wish list. I had not ever really had huge ambition in the way that some folks have and some of my little victory’s may seem very trivial and unimportant to some, but considering where I started from I haven’t done too shabbily.

I have started getting out a bit more apart from gigs & rehearsals last night I was at the Vortex watching a world music ensemble called Melange playing some rather good North African and Middle Eastern music. We also also met an old friend Laura there (she is a volunteer and works there) as she has recently moved around the corner from the venue in Dalston.

I even played there many moons ago with Elephant shelf on a somewhat disastrous gig about 7 years ago.
Luckily they didn’t remember me. Phew.