Whats wrong with this picture

OK kiddies, please watch this video and feel free to draw your own conclusions.

Clearly the system is broken, the point is who broke it?

If you find this video disturbing and I find this profoundly disturbing myself , then ask yourself the question how have we sunk so low.


FEAR NOT your enemies,
FEAR NOT your friends,
FEAR ONLY the indifferent,

for they can only kill you.
for they can only betray you.
who permit the killers and betrayers to walk safely on earth.

~ Edward Yashinski, Yiddish poet who survived the Shoah only to die in a Communist prison in Poland.






The turn of the season, but not the turning of the tide

Its been a some what checkered couple of weeks, several gigs, being the usual mix of good bad and indifferent. A little manifestation of mental health problems has also shaken the tree a bit, but I am still rolling abet slightly unsteadily. I am still feeling very tired but getting a bit more physical exercise which is helping a little with the aches and pains. Stretching of various forms seems to really help, perhaps I should get a rack…Some people pay money for that sort of thing don’t they.I am currently much disturbed by the situation with regard to the disability benefits row (ATOS assessments and similar). I have no particular personal axe to grind, but having dug deeper in the news behind the news as it were, I do not see much in the way of good happening. I see a primarily ideologically driven scourge and the demoniseation of many of the weaker
in society with very little justification given.Frequently there is the case that those that are trying to help themselves get out of a hole are having the ladder kicked out from under them. We seem to have been seduced by the devil take the hindmost attitude…




 Response to Alleged Govt’ Plans to Sanction Disabled Benefit Claimants (final)