Going Forward Then Boldly?

My Covid is slowly abating thank goodness though I am pretty fatigued so my plan for world domination is going to be delayed again ever so slightly. Everything aches but I am just about functional though a little bit more chaotic than usual. My brains a bit fried so i may not be too creative right now. I haven’t seen the Aurora. There might be a slight chance of it being visible tonight though I am not holding my breath. I notice that in the last couple of years a lot of internet content seems to be disappearing behind paywalls which is a shame as it means I no longer get to see a lot of stuff as an older person(pensioner/senior) on a limited income I simple can’t afford to set up multiple subscriptions for stuff much as I would like to be able to support independent writers and journalists.

I am feeling better but very fatigued and hopefully the Covid is almost gone. It peaked on the day I actually got the positive test result, so its lasted about 9 days from start to finish. That’s not to bad as when I had it in 2022 it was very severe and I was ill for nearly 3 weeks. Also then it left me quite wobbly and fatigued for about a month. Last night I glanced a loft a couple of times but alas no aurora. I also watched a few minutes of the new Dr Who. I expect I give that a go on Iplayer at some point. I also thought I would listen to the Eurovision winning song. Not really my sort of thing being an ageing Prog rock, Folk and Jazz/ Classical music fan. But clever production and all that. As for the dancing up and down the weird wobbly disc thing, fair play but Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers would have done it better. Also would not have worn those shoes with that frock 😉

Disclaimer: All opinions are those of a grumpy 67 year old still trying to navigate through an uncertain and contrarian existence whilst also avoiding existential crisis and exorbitant utility bills.

I have a Lurgy

I have a cold/flu type thing and I am a feeling really shit. It came on after the gig. The last thing I had was Covid in July 2022 and I have not had anything since then, so it’s been a couple of years. I will test to see if its Covid again as I am now symptommatic.I just finished this track before the bug it released its full fury on me. So thats me doing nothing for few days I guess. Annoying though as the weather has got quite pleasant now. Just tested and its covid.

A new tune “Don’t Think You Can Erase Me”

The world is as ever in turmoil of course.

Definitely Getting Older Now Says Recent Opinion Poll

Yep, I am creaking and groaning it’s fair to say. I played a fairly long gig and it went well but I really have felt it the day after. I was ok but very much aching all over. And it’s lasted a couple of days. I have been trying to keep my exercise routine going as well of course but its been very hard. Hopefully I should be getting bit of core strength back along the way, but it’s up hill at present. Maybe we might just get some better weather this week if we are really lucky? In the last few years we have had a very warm early spring. This year it’s been much wetter and cooler. That’s made it slightly harder work keeping going generally. Also I am weirdly disconnected with a lot of things. A minor incident that would normally have thrown me into a panic occurred recently and I just kept calm and carried on. Not like me at all. Is that good or bad?

A tune from a while back. I might re-record it. Possibly,

I do ruminate on some dark stuff at times it’s true. What seems though very dark to me now is the sudden attacks on transgender rights and identify which seem to have gone hand in hand with nearly all the mainstream political parties jumping on populism, nationalism. My only hope is that young people will prevail in the end and bring about something better, though it may well not be in my lifetime or that of many of my friends. Also I seem to have picked up a bug and I am not feeling too chipper with a bit of a temperate to be honest either. I may have a day of feasting on youtube videos as there is not much I can do really.