A little further on down the road

We have to keep trying, though I am not sure why a lot of the time. Everything hurts.
Physically and mentally. But I am trying to take each day at a time.
Today is a bit uphill. I am now at a significant date in my life for various reasons relating to family matters. So I am thinking a bit too much. Below are links to some of my recent music.

Football , What’s that Then?

Apparently there was a football match on Sunday night. Well I do declare.

The pollen is relentless. Trump got shot, but he survives.
A lucky man you would think. Another day is dawned indeed. Much chat about Trump and people thinking it was a publicity stunt. In truth some aspects of the shooting do seem odd. You would expect way more blood as your ear is full of blood vessels, it seemed to take a while for the bodyguards to get too him and normally he would have just been lifted and carried. If you or I had just been shot in the ear I suspect we would not be making a defiant gesture. But maybe I am just a looney…. Quite seriously a lot my US facebook mates are very worried about Trump now. I think he is guaranteed to win now and that may well have serious repercussions all around the world. The world is now becoming a very unstable place again geopolitically.

I can’t get started today at all. And yes as I type this it’s raining a lot again. Its also St Swithins day so 40 days of rain expected then.

Its A Moist July So Far

Its soggy out so far and that’s a fact. But staying in the dry is a bit of a bore. I went out for a brief stroll and maybe I will take another later on. I got annoyed having a very silly discussion with a very ill informed xenophobe on a forum yesterday , but I got a song out of it so that’s cool.
maybe I will start recording it this week? France seems to have had a lucky escape at the recent election….

Meanwhile I am working on other things at the moment as per usual. A bit more sunshine would help I think though.

A new scam call today and a disturbing one if say you were an overseas student or taken up uk residence. An AI woman’s voice telling me there is a problem with my British Residents Permit. There would be as I don’t have one nor would I ever need one .Apparently it’s a sort of visa fraud where you are told its expired and you have been fined. I hope people are not going to fall for it. Students are being targeted. Well as somebody born in London a very long time ago that’s held UK passports since the age of 20 that’s obviously a bit silly. I did try ringing the number but it was not recognised and it does not seem to be a Home Office one. I suspect that my phone number has been scraped from a hack on an Ecommerce site or similar though it could be a random dialler. It was certainly not from a gov.uk number.

Do we judge ourselves and set our own punishments? I think some of us do. We beat ourselves up over the world in our heads and and our inner desires and needs. Or is that just me perchance.

I was listening to an R4 prog on BBC sounds: “With the help of Rai, who has a schizophrenia diagnosis, we look at the way the Hearing Voices Network is changing the view psychiatry has of auditory hallucinations. And we explore how new talking therapies could help people deal with sinister voices and paranoia. ” Interesting as they discussed the crossover with psychosis in Depression and Bipolar trigger by trauma and for example childhood bullying.

Find it here:


Thinking about childhood and bullying, most of mine are I suspect doing quite well and blissfully unaware of the mayhem and destruction that they have caused.

Currently there are very high pollen levels which are affecting me a bit too. You can’t win really.