Monthly Archives: January 2018

Tonight I spoke to a friend who is very troubled.  I realised that whilst I could empathise with the fact that they were distressed  I could not really get inside their head or know the place that they were in.  What do you say to someone that just wants to die? I haven’t got a clue. So I listened and made various inane comments and realised how totally useless I being unable to effect anything. I hope that they can find a way home…


Sadly it would seem that that decent standards of behaviour are no longer the norm.
Yet again I find myself in a situation where I have done everything necessary and appropriate only to find that others seem not to be upholding their part of the bargain.

I can understand why people are pushed into extreme actions often out of despair or being driven to their wits end.

It seems this is the modern way though.


January 2018 update

I am still waiting to find out if I am moving or not. It’s getting very frustrating to say the least. If it goes wrong again it will be the third time in a row. I don’t have too much faith at  present.   My back trouble is easing a little now which is a great relief though. I can’t seem get focus on anything to do with music projects at the moment though I have  a few ideas floating in the back of my mind.  January is a bit gloomy enough though at the best of times.  This week sees me at the grand old age of 61 which is something that I could not ever have conceived of really.

Picture is a recent spot at Great Bardfield Folk Club with the Delta Ladies.