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Steam Punk

Something different for February.

our first steampunk gig

Posted by Diana Stone on Friday, 19 February 2016

It looked a bit like this.

Violins and their part in my downfall

I have just spent another hour trying to put a violin part on a track. Its just not working, even with all the right notes in the right order 😉 Very frustrating indeed. Its getting tantalisingly near but is still not quite right. Should I keep on trying or move on to something else. Often if things don’t work its best to let them go, but I have not quite hit that point yet.  I am feeling very uninspired frankly.   I do feel a bit (as in lack of affect, as though psych types would say)flat and suspect I am mildly depressed and may be that’s why I can’t get a sufficient head of steam up. Fortunately there are a couple of gigs this weekend and a visit to Islington Folk Club  so that will stop me from sulking around the flat for too long. In between attempting to  do other stuff I have been continuing my quest to tidy up, though to be honest its not looking any different yet.

Its amazing how many ways you can avoid doing things, my “to do list” is not getting any shorter yet.

Here’s a blast from the past. Our second old faithful band van, which took us to a few exotic places. Note the orange light  and what appear to be two grenade launchers on top. That’s what you call a hard core van.
Actually I think it was a plasterer’s or maybe a plumbers van as it had some weird gubbins in the back door.
I always liked Transit vans, they were pretty comfortable really.

The old Elephant Van

Keeping it all tidy

Mess, yes I have a bit of a mess. I am tidier  than some folks I know, but I have more stuff than space. Some of I don’t really know what I am keeping it for to honest. You know stuff that comes in useful but actually  doesn’t. Is it  a self esteem thing? If I have stuff am I more worthy, or am I just to lazy to get rid of it.  Pass.  The trouble just once in a blue moon that weird widget you thought you would never use becomes essential.  Sadly not everything in  life can be fixed simply by hitting it with a large enough hammer, though it may of course be fun to try.

Paranoia or just anxiety?

If your anything like me you spend a lot of time worrying about stuff that you have absolutely no control over.  It’s exhausting but how do you stop doing it.  The list of things on my mind is actually quite rational and realistic, but without an actuarial table  for reference, how can I make an informed decision?


Is it just me?

Gosh, this time of year is heavy going, perhaps its just the grey days but it feels like hibernation time again.  I am still in the midst of working on 2 albums in my  Delta Ladies incarnation. One of which is very different as its a sort of  world, electronica and roots- country mash up. Yes I know that sounds unlikely but it actually works. That is apart from working on a few of my old songs that I found some basic demos of. So not too busy really 😉

In other news, everything sucks and the world is broken.  But seriously folks why is that so often people who seem perfectly rational go a bit barmy when they post on facebook.  but hey whos cares. I suppose we don’t really know a lot of people we are in contact with on social media that well.  May be its a bit like supporting in football team as generally you expect peoples views will not be grossly out of context or opposing your own. After all it’s your little club with your mates.